We are awful….

Cubs score 5 in the 8th to come back against Philly but lose 7-5. Why do I care? Why do I put myself through this??

What’s there to look forward to? Well here’s some ideas

1)The amazing play of Starlin Castro

2)Marmol’s filthy sliders

3)The 1-2 combo of Wood and Marshall

4)How many times Ramirez and Soriano walk out a grounder

5)The $10 million dollar thief Carlos Pena

6)How much Fukudome will suck the rest of the year

7)If Koyie Hill can hit over .200

8)If Zambrano takes anyone’s head off

9(Dempster’s awful Harry Caray impression

10)Mike Quade looking clueless

11) Darwin Barney over-achieving

12)Marlon Byrd making diving catches

13) the firing of Hendry and Quade?? Please

There’s no hope for this year. It’s a lost cause. Just sit back and enjoy the other teams I suppose.Next year is the year


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