Your awful 2011 Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs enter June 2nd 5th in the Central with a 23-31 record. They sit 8.5 games back of the Cards and just got swept by the Astros who reside last in the Division. It’s been a painful start for the Cubs with injuries, horrible weather, and just plain bad baseball.

The Cubs have a run differential of -45, which is 3rd worst in the Majors. Though they rank 2nd in Batting Average they are 16th in runs. Their pitching has been horrendous.

Here’s a look at the team


Jeff Baker-Currently on the D.L. The lefty killer is batting .367 in 87 at bats. Likely to be traded before the deadline.


Reed Johnson-Currently on the D.L. Many people wondered why he was brought back. He has made some great plays in the field and has shown he can hit with a .367 avg in just 80 at bats. Also has a game winning homer. Also will likely be dealt.


Luis Montanez- was called up with all these injuries. In just 9 at bats he’s hitting .333. Could see more playing time but we will will see with how Quade decides to go


Starlin Castro- The best player on the team and will likely be the only-all star representative. Hitting 313. with 25 RBI’S. Quade has been moving him up and down in th eline up and Castro has done a great job adjusting


Marlon Byrd-Currently on the D.L. After having his face shattered while in Boston. Only had 11 RBI’S while being put in the 3 spot. Hitting over .300 so why is he not in the 2 spot??


Koskue Fukudome- Are we almost done with him? Hitting .307 but he struggled in May and will keep going down. Only has 7 extra base hits in 137 at-bats and only 5 rbi’s. Just a singles hitter


Darwin Barney-Surprise so far. Hitting over .300, shows good patience at the plate and actually hit sthe ball to right field when he needs to. I can’t stop thinking he will be another Ryan Theriot though, and that is not a good thing.


Aramis Ramirez-2 home runs. That’s all. 2. For your number 4 hitter. Wtf.


Blake DeWitt-Lost the starting job in Spring Training, now getting starting time in left with Soriano on the D.L. Hitting .276 in 58 at-bats. Will likey be dealt at the deadline I feel


Alfonso Soriano-Currently on the D.L. With a quad injury. Whoohoo…Leads the team in home runs with 12. Sad thing is combone all the rest of the home runs and they have 27. Soriano has almost half. Ouch! Hitting .271 but only has 6 walks with 49 strikeouts. But this doesn’t surprise you right?


Tony Campana-Fans love this guy. He hustles, makes good catches, and he’s a skinny white guy! I can’t stand the way he wears his hat though. Only has played in 12 games yet is tied with Castro for most stolen bases on the team. Ugh


Geovany Soto-I give up on him. 2008 will be his career year. Now it’s a matter of can he stay healthy and in shape. Already visited on the D.L. Once and is now hitting just .219


Carlos Pena- What does 10 Million dollars buy you? A .214 average with 7 home runs and 24 rbi’s. About what we expected from this guy

Koyie Hill- Guh.. What has to happen for this guy to be off the team? A .213 average with 1 hr and 7 rbi’s is a career year for him.


Wellington Castillo- When Soto went on the D.L. To stuff his face full of Twinkies, I figured Castillo would get a majority of starts. Wrong he got 4. Thanks Quade. Or Hendry. Whoever


Tyler Colvin- .108 averag in 65 at bats. Yea?! Another David Kelton?




Sean Marshall- MVP of the pitching staff. A 1.17 E.R.A in 23 IP.


Andrew Cashner- Was excited to see this guy pitch. Makes 1 start, a good one, and now he’s on the D.L. Such a Cubbie occurrence


Kerry Wood- Why did he leave in the first place? Love this guy. Hope to see him get a ring before he retires, it won’t happen in Chicago


Carlos Marmol- Hasn’t gotten a lot of opportunities. Still wild as ever, but still damn good.


Matt Garza- 2-4 with a 3.3 E.R.A. Has been a strike out machine so far. Was he worth giving up some top prospects for? I don’t think so


Justin Berg-Pitched in 8 games and not to bad. That’s all


Jeff Samardzjia- Walks too many guys but you gotta deal with it. Looks like he’s another Farnsworth


John Grabow- 4.09 E.R.AA in 22 Ip. Why do we have him?


Carlos Zambrano- Bounce back year for this guy. 5-2 with a 4+ E.R.A. Looks absolutely dominant some nights still


Jeff Stevens-So good he got DFA’D


Randy Wells- 2009 was his only and will be his only good year


Marcos Mateo- Please don’t let him near the mound


Doug Davis- Can’t you see Jim Hendry waiting to offer him a 2 year deal?


Ryan Dempster- A 4-4 record with a 6+ E.R.A?? Good gosh. Leave please


James Russel, Casey Coleman, Scott Maine, Rodrigo Lopez—Suck, suck, suck, suck







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