Jim Hendry-Average G.M.

Jim Hendry has been the Cubs General Manager since 2002. The Cubs have had success under Hendry reaching the playoffs 3 times so far and winning the division those 3 times. Unfortunately there has also been some ugly moments during Hendry’s tenure. 2004 was a disastrous year when many people expected the Cubs to make the World Series and they didn’t even make the playoffs. 2005, 2006, 2010 were all sub .500 teams.

With all the rumors that Hendry could lose his job, let’s take a look at his and notable trade deals.


Notable Trades

1)Todd Hundley to the Dodgers for Mark Grudzielanek and Eric Karros.

-Hendry actually found a team that wanted to take Hundley and his ridiculous contract. The Cubs had to take veterans who were on the downside of their careers. A funny thing happened though as both Mark G. and Eric Karros played a huge part in the Cubs 2003 success. Hundley never did anything with the Dodger



2)Mark Bellhorn to the Rockies for Jose Hernandez

-Bellhorn had a nice 2002 season and was re-signed for the 03 season. Unfortunately he struggled badly and was finding himself rotting away on the bench. Hernandez did nothing special for the Cubs but he was included in the Aramis Ramirez deal



3)Jose Hernandez, Matt Bruback and Bobby Hill to Pittsburgh for Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton

-The Cubs finally found a third baseman that was a good ball player in Ramirez and Lofton helped ignite the Cubs down the stretch in 2003. The Cubs were needing a CF when Corey Patterson went down with a torn ACL in a July game against St.Louis. The Cubs gave up Hernandez(received in the Bellhorn deal) and two-minor leaguers who never panned out. Bobby Hill was a top prospect but never showed it in his time with the Pirates



4)Jason Fransz and cash to Texas for Doug Glanville

-Not a big trade but Glanville had a huge triple in the NLCS. Gave depth to the Cubs for the stretch run



5)Ray Sadler for Randall Simon from Pittsburgh

-The Cubs needed a left-handed bat since Hee Sop Choi had not recovered from the concussion he received during the Yankee series. Simon had some huge hits for the Cubs and got hot at the right time



6)Hee Seop Choi for Derreck Lee from the Marlins

-Hendry wanted Derreck Lee who had a nice series against the Cubs in the NLCS and got him, but had to give up top prospect Choi. Choin never panned out as he was dealt to the Dodgers later on in the year. Lee wa sthe 1st baseman for the Cubs for 6 ½ year and became one of the most popular Cubs players



7)Damien Miller and cash to the Athletics for Michael Barrett

-Cubs needed to imprive the catcher position and did by getting Barrett. He brought more offense which the Cubs needed behind the plate and he had some huge hits. He ran himself out of town though in 2007 after a fight with Carlos Zambrano



8)Alex Gonzales, Francis Beltran, and Brendan Harris for Nomar Garciapparra and Matt Murton (4 team trade)

-The 2004 Cubs were not meeting expectations and needed a shortstop. The Red Sox were looking to get rid of Nomar and Hendry struck getting the shortstop. Alex Gonzales never did anything outside of Chicago and neither did Francis Beltran. Brendan Harris had a few solid years with the Twins. Nomar spent most of his time in Chicago on the D.L. And spent some time on the bench towards the end of the 04 season with injuries. Matt Murton had a few decent years with the Cubs but is now in Japan.

WINNER:RED SOX-Trading Nomar got them Orlando Cabrera which helped ignite the Red Sox


9)Sammy Sosa and cash to Baltimore for Mike Fontenot, Jerry Hariston jr.

-After Sosa walked out on the 2004 Cubs, Hendry went to work to find a team that would make a deal. It always felt like the Cubs could have gotten more for Sosa who was still putting up 35+ homers.

Jerry Hairston had some bright spots with the Cubs and Fontenot ended up becoming the second baseman the 2009 and 2010 season.

WINNER: TIE (neither team really benifeted)


10)Kyle Farnsworth to Detroit for Roberto Nova and Scott Moore

-The Cubs had enough of Farnsworth and his inconsistency and was dealt in the off-season. Scott Moore never got a chance in the majors and Roberto Nova had no success. Farnsworth has had some success after leaving Chicago

Winner. Detroit


11)LaTroy Hawkins to San Fransico for Jerome Williams and David Aardsma

-The Cubs signed Hawkins in the 2003 off-season to be a set-up man but was put in the closer’s role in 2004 after Borowski was injured. Hawkins struggled blowing many saves and costing the Cubs a playoff spot. Jerome Williams had a few decent starts with the Cubs but was soon gone. Aardsma was deal to the White Sox and now Aardsma is in Seattle having success as a closer.

Winner: Neither


12)Sergio Mitre, Reneyl Pinto, and Ricky Nolasco for Juan Pierre

-Hendry wanted a lead-off man and got Juan Pierre. Pierre only played for the Cubs for one year and had moderate success. Reneyl Pinto has had success in Florida as bullpen member and Ricky Nolasco is the 2nd best pitcher on Florida’s staff today. Jim Hendry’s worst trade

WINNER: Florida


13)Corey Patterson to Baltimore for Nate Spears and Carlos Perez

-Corey Patterson could never put it together and his act had worn thin so he was dealt to Baltimore. Again in the same thing to Sosa being dealt, it felt like the cubs could have gotten more. Spears and Perez had no success with the Cubs

WINNER: Baltimore


14)Todd Walker for Jose Ceda from the Padres

-Todd Walker had a decent two and a half seasons with the Cubs and was dealt to the Padres. Jose Ceda did not have any success with the Cubs. I always felt like the Cubs should have held on to Walker



15)Greg Maddux to the Dodgers for Cesar Izturis

-Greg Maddux’s second stint with the Cubs ended up in a trade with the Dodgers, as the Cubs were far out of the playoff race Izturis had no success with the Cubs as he was gone in 2007.

WINNER: Dodgers


16)David Aardsma to the White Sox for Neal Cotts

-Neal Cotts was awful with the Cubs and Aardsma had ok success with the White Sox

WINNER: Neither


17)Michael Barrett and Cash to the Padres for Rob Bowen and Kyler Burke

-Barrett ran himself out of town after a fight with Zambrano.

Bowen was not the answer behind the plate and was later deal in the Jason Kendall deal

Winner: Neither


18)Rob Bowen and Jerry Blevins to Oakland for Jason Kendall and cash

-Not a blockbuster move but Cubs needed an upgrade at the plate and got one with Kendall.

Bowen has done nothing and Blevins has been ok



19)Cesar Izturis to Pittsburgh for cash

-This is what Hendry got for Maddux???



20)Rocky Cherry and Scott Moore for Steve Trachsel from Baltiomore

-Hendry wanted another arm and got one. Cheery and Moore haven’t done a thing



21)Jacque Jones to Detroit for Omar Infante, Infante to Atlanta with Will Ohman for Jose Asciano

-Hendry had to get rid of Jones and did and then packaged Infante to Atlanta. I feel Infante would have helped the Cubs in 08 by being the shortstop



22)Angel Pagan to Mets for Ryan Meyers and Cory Cole

-Pagan has been solid for the Mets



23)Sean Gallagher, Matt Murton, Eric Patterson, and Josh Donaldson to Oakland for Rich Harden and Chad Guadin

-Hendry had to make a move after Brewers got C.C. Sabathia and he did. Josh Donaldson has been making some noise but Murton is in Japan, Patterson is with the Padres and Gallagher has had arm problems



24)Scott Eyre to Philly for Brian Schlitter

-Eyre got a World Series that year with Philly



25)Mark Derosa to Cleveland for Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer and John Gaub

-Big mistake by Hendry. Derosa was a solid player. Stevens has been awful, Archer is in Tampa Bay, and Gaub has done nothing



26)Jason Marquis for Luis Vizcaino

-Marquis had a great year with Colorado while Vizcaino was released

WINNER: Colorado


27)Felix Pie to Baltimore for Garrett Olson and Henry Williamson, Garrett Olson and Ronny Cedeno to Seattle for Aaron Hileman

-Felix Pie is still with Baltimore and doing decent, Hileman stunk it up as a Cub

WINNER: Baltimore


28)Michael Wuertz to Oakland for Richie Robnett and Justin Sellers

-Wuertz has been a decent reliever



29)Al Alburquerque for Jeff Baker from Colorado

-Baker has had success with the Cubs



30)Kevin Hart and Jose Asciano to pittsburgh for Tom Gorzillany and John Grabow

WINNER: Nerither


31)Milton Bradley to Seattle for Carlos Silva



32)Acquired OF Evan Crawford from San Francisco for INF Mike Fontenot.

-Fontenot hasn’t really made an impact at all.



33)Traded 1B Derrek Lee and cash considerations to Atlanta for RHP Robinson Lopez, RHP Tyrelle Harris and LHP Jeffrey Lorick.

-Lee helped the Braves reach the playoffs



34)Acquired INF Blake DeWitt, RHP Kyle Smit and RHP Brett Wallach from the Los Angeles Dodgers for LHP Ted Lilly, INF Ryan Theriot and a cash consideration.

-DeWitt has been average, Dodgers re-signed Lilly and traded Theriot




so looking at these trades Hendry has been a better buyer than a seller. Veteran talent he has gotten rid of has not panned out prospect wise


Good Free-Agent Signing

1)Mark DeRosa

2)Ted Lilly

3)Aramis Ramirez

4)Ryan Dempster

5)Jim Edmonds

7)Todd Walker

8)Derrek Lee

9)Kerry Wood

10)Reed Johnson

11)Mark Grundzilanek

12)Henry Blanco

13)Greg Maddux


Bad Signings

1)Jason Marquis

2)Damian Millar

3)Todd Hollandsworth

4)Jeremy Burnitz

5)Bob Howry

6)Kent Mercker

7)Neifi Perez

8)Cliff Floyd

9)Sean Estes

10)Kosuke Fukudome

11)Joey Gathright

12)LaTroy Hawkins

13)Milton Bradley

14)John Mabry

15)Antonio Alfonseca


17)Alfonso Soriano

18)Jacque Jones

19)Aaron Miles


To be Jim hendry is an average General Manager and hasn’t really struck gold besides 2003 and 2008.



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