MY All-Star Teams

This is how I think the teams should look


Americal League


C- A.Avila (Det)


1B- A. Gonzales (BOS)


2B- R.Cano (NYY)


3B- A.Rodriguez (NYY)


SS- A.Cabrera (CLE)


LF- C.Granderson (NYY)


CF- J.Ellsbury (BOS)


RF- J.Bautista (TOR)


SP- J.Verlander (DET)




C- A.J. Perzynski (CHW)


1B- P.Konerko (CHW), M.Cabrera (DET)


2B- H.Kendrick (L.A.A)


3B- K.Youkillis (BOS)


SS- A.Ramirez (CHW), Y.Escobar (TOR)


OF- A.Gordon (K.C), A.Jones (BALT), B.Boesch (DET), M.Joyce (T.B.)


DH- D.Ortiz (BOS)




Sabathia (NYY)

J.Weaver (LAA)

J.Shields (T.B.)

C.J. Wilson (TEX)

J.Beckett (BOS)

M.Pineda (SEA)

G.Gonzales (OAK)

S.Baker (MIN)

Rivera (NYY)

J.Walden (LAA)

C.Perez (Cle)

A.Crow (K.C)

P.Humber (CHW)





C- B.MCann (ATL)


1B- J.Votto (CIN)


2B- R.Weeks (MIL)


3B- C.Headley (S.D.)


SS- J.Reyes (NYM)


LF- R.Braun (MIL)


CF- M.Kemp (L.A. D)


RF- L. Berkman (ST.L)


SP- R.Halladay (PHI)




C- Y.Molina (ST.L)


1B- P.Fielder (Mil), G.Sanchez (FL)


2B- B.Phillips (Cin)


3B- C.Jones (ATL)


SS- S.Castro (CHI), T. Tulowitzki (Col)


OF- H.Pence (HOU), A.MCcutchchen (PIT), J.Upton (ARI), J.Bruce (Cin), D.Stubbs (CIN)



C.Lee (Phi)

C.Hamels (PHI)

I.Kennedy (ARI)

C.Kershaw (L.A.D)

T.Lincecum (S.F.)

K.Lohse (ST.L)

J.Jurrjens (ATL)

T.Clippard (WAS)

J.Hanahran (PIT)

B.Wilson (S.F.)

J.J. Putz (ARI)

A.sanchez (FL)



Observations and Thoughts

Does Mike Quade even want this job?

Can I jump on the Pirates bandwagon?

If the Twins come back and win the divison, does that say how bad the AL Central is?

Is anyone ever excited for the All-Star Game anymore?

Does Aramis Ramirez have a fear of pulling a hamstring by hustling?

Would Jim Hendry be stupid enough to trade Castro for Hanley Ramirez?

What kind of donut does Hendry love most?

Why is it the people who think racing is boring are the same people who watch soccer and golf?

Am I the only one loves 4th of July cookouts?

Anyone watch the Nba Draft? Boring.

The Interview

Just got a tape of an interview Jim Hendry had with Ryne Sandberg and Mike Quade. Here’s how it played out


(Ryne and Mike walk in)

Jim Hendry: Hey guys, ho’s it going. Come in and sit down

Mike Quade: Nice to see you Mr. Hendry

Ryne Sandberg: Jim, hello

Jim: Here have a donut

Mike: oh no no I don’t want to eat any of your donuts

Jim: ah don’t worry I got 5 boxes still

Mike: please Mr. Hendry, no I can’t

Ryne: well I’ll have one

Jim: oh ok well here you Ryne

Ryne: hey glazed donut…thats good Jim!

Jim: alright well I brought you both here so we could all do this interview together. I thought it would be more conveient.

Mike: Thats a great idea Mr. Hendry

Jim: well thank you Mike. 1st question is…..favorite donut?

Mike:Well Mr. Hendry I like all donuts. I don’t think 1 donut is better than the other. They are all superb.

Jim: hmmm good Ryne?

Ryne: umm I don’t know. I suppose glazed??

Jim: ok ok….2nd question….if you ahd to choose between a hot dog or a chili dog what you picking?

Mike: Well I go with the chili dog. Th emore unhealthy the better

Ryne: excuse me but what does this have to do with baseball?

Jim: its important, whats your answer Ryne?

Ryne: uhh a hot dug with mustard

Jim: and???

Ryne: relish?

Jim: hmmmm ok

Mike: weak lol

Jim: you can say that again

Ryne: can we go on please?

Jim: sure sure…ok if there’s a runner on 1st with 1 out and you put on a steal and he gets thrown out..what do you say to the player??

Mike: hey it’s ok keep your hea dup…lets go boys!

Ryne: I would say run harder you pu**y!!!!

Jim: woah! Ryne calm down now

Ryne: what? No reason why he should be out

Mike: well he may not have good speed

Ryne: then why the hell are we sending him

Jim: Ryne! Please watch the language

Ryne: ok ok sorry

Jim: had success last year when you took over for Old Lou, why?

Mike: well it’s because I let the veterans do what they want. I wasn’t going to try to be their boss’

Jim: Ryne how would you handle the veterans

Ryne: like their scum! You play hard or you get splinters on you ass

Mike: Language!

Jim: Yes watch your language come on!

Ryne: sorry I just get fired up!

Jim: speaking of fied up….I’m gonna fire up the oven and bake a ocuple cakes after this

Mike: Mind if I join?

Jim: of course now..ill pop in another rone for you

Mike: Oh boy

Ryne: what the hell is this?

Jim: I love angel food cake

Mike: so do I…so delicious

Ryne: are we gonna talk baseball or not?

Jim: ummm I made my decision..mike the job is yours

Mike: YES!

Ryne: take it..your gonna be managing under a idiot g.m. Anyway

Jim: oh come on Ryne..join us for cake and ice cream

Mike: hey ice cream to!

Jim: whats cake without ice cream?

Ryne: patchetic good bye (slams door)

Mike: attitude problem

Jim: no doubt.. come on mike lets go!


Chicago Beatdown

Is anyone expecting the Cubs to actually win a game versus the Yankees? Anyone?

A sucky road trip

The Cubs return home today to face the Brewers. A 2-8 road trip will have the seats looking empty, or taken over by the Brewer fans who will take the

trip down. Even though Baker, Johnson, and Soriano will be off the D.L. In a short time, this is not a good team….at all.

MLB Realignment

Major League Baseball has been talking about doing a possible realignment with their teams. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, so I came up with how I would have it



1)New York Yankees

2)Boston Red Sox

3)Toronto Blue Jays

4)Baltimore Orioles

5)Washington Nationals



2)S.F. Giants

3)Oakland Athletics

4)San Diego Padres

5)Anaheim Angels


1)Seattle Mariners

2)Texas Rangers

3)Arizona Diamondback

4)Colorado Rockies

5)Houston Astros


1)Chicago Cubs

2)St.Louis Cardinals

3)Milwaukee Brewers

4)Pittsburgh Pirates

5)Cincinnati Reds


1)Chicago White Sox

2)Detroit Tigers

3)Minnesota Twins

4)Kansas City Royals

5)Cleveland Indians


1)Florida Marlins

2)Tampa Bay Rays

3)Atlanta Braves

4)Philadelphia Phillies

5)New York Mets

We are awful….

Cubs score 5 in the 8th to come back against Philly but lose 7-5. Why do I care? Why do I put myself through this??

What’s there to look forward to? Well here’s some ideas

1)The amazing play of Starlin Castro

2)Marmol’s filthy sliders

3)The 1-2 combo of Wood and Marshall

4)How many times Ramirez and Soriano walk out a grounder

5)The $10 million dollar thief Carlos Pena

6)How much Fukudome will suck the rest of the year

7)If Koyie Hill can hit over .200

8)If Zambrano takes anyone’s head off

9(Dempster’s awful Harry Caray impression

10)Mike Quade looking clueless

11) Darwin Barney over-achieving

12)Marlon Byrd making diving catches

13) the firing of Hendry and Quade?? Please

There’s no hope for this year. It’s a lost cause. Just sit back and enjoy the other teams I suppose.Next year is the year